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Open Call


Eligible Nominees include individuals, teams of researchers, or research institutions and are nominated solely for the scientific merit of their work.  Although preference is given to scientific breakthroughs with direct or obvious clinical applications, all major accomplishments in type 1 or type 2 research are conisdered by the Selection Jury.  Employees of for-profit pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies are not eligible.

Open Call for Letters of Recommendation

Nominations for the Prize are made by members of the Selection Jury and are therefore not open to application. However, Letters of Recommendation for Nominations will be accepted to afford the community at large an opportunity to suggest Nominees for the Prize to the Selection Jury.

Letters of Recommendation for Nominations are provided to the Jurors for consideration. Jurors may review these Letters at their discretion. Any person writing a Letter of Recommendation for Nomination is requested not to make direct contact with Jurors for the purpose of soliciting a recommendation for nominations or selection.

Letters must not exceed 1,000 words. Letters are confidential and only made available to members of the Selection Jury. For more information, please view the full Prize Charter here.

The Open Call for Letters of Recommendation is now closed.